Ponte de pie! ロゴ

その想いからPonte de pie!が生まれました。
Ponte de pie!が生活にあることで、

“The socks we want to wear every day,
I want to make socks that make me happy when I wear them.”
Ponte de pie! was born from that thought.
Gently snuggle up to your feet and feelings.
With Ponte de pie! in my life, I can feel strong, courageous, and be myself.
We want to be like that.

Ponte de pie!

Ponte de pie!とは、スペイン語で “立って” という意味です。2009年6月に奈良のブランド事業と出会い、“毎日履きたい定番商品をつくる”という夢に向かってスタートしました。工場で培った良い部分を取り出し、試行錯誤を繰り返しながら糸、かたち、編み方、仕上げにこだわり、立ち上がったブランドです。

Ponte de pie! means "stand up" in Spanish. In June 2009, I met Nara's brand business and started with the dream of creating a standard product that I wanted to wear every day. It is a brand that has taken up good parts cultivated in the factory, striving for thread, shape, knitting and finishing while repeating trial and error.

Ponte de pie!